Chief Data Officers
Outsourced CDO

Most companies do not need a full-time CDO. If you can’t hire one full-time, an outsourced CDO can help you with:

Back Office Operations Audit

Through Back Office Operations Audits, Data Head Solutions® develops a concise analysis of the people, processes, and technology that comprise the transaction processing, bookkeeping, accounting, and management information systems. Learn more.


  • Provides owners and management with an impartial view of the efficiency and effectiveness of your back-office systems.
  • Provides you with a plan to achieve peak performance.
  • Save time and money. This assessment will provide an estimate of time and money savings if the recommended improvements are implemented.
Back Office Best Practice Consulting

We provide Back Office Best Practice Consulting to offer an unbiased summary of back office best practices, ensuring the right people, tasks, tools, and reasoning are in place.


  • Improve operations
  • Save time and money
  • Achieve peak performance and peace of mind
Reports Inventory Audit

Similar and pertaining to back office audits, a Reports Inventory Audit includes a list of every generated report, who is involved with the production and receives distribution, and how long it all takes


  • Helps you identify wasted time and effort, inaccuracy, and whether or not the report yields worthwhile intelligence or actionable data.
  • Helps you identify opportunity costs associated with not having timely, accurate, and useful information.
Information Technology Audit

An Information Technology Audit is essentially a site survey. Following a review of all hardware and software on-site and in the cloud, Data Head Solutions® provides a written report of current conditions, recommendations for improvement, and cost analysis for repairs and ongoing maintenance. This includes a Network Assessment, Internet and WiFi Analysis, and Security Risks.


  • Minimized risk, downtime, and expense due to security problems, disaster recovery, and inadequate hardware and network infrastructure.
Information Technology Consulting

Information Technology Consulting involves advisement on best practices for Managed Services (MSP), Helpdesk, network set up and monitoring, and cloud servers.


By making sure you take advantage of the best hardware, software, and professional and proactive support, you enjoy:

  • Peace of mind
  • Efficiency
  • Long-term cost savings
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