Comprehensives skills such as collecting, organizing, comprehending, interpreting, and presenting data are the essential tools of a Data Head. Along with a deep
understanding of database concepts and Information Technology, our professionals typically hold a degree in accounting and have worked in public accounting.

Here at Data Head Solutions®, we embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and represent experience. A Data Head sees all the individual components that make up a company with a fresh and unbiased perspective and serves as an invaluable asset. We take your business to the next level and offer the education to maximize your own potential as a Data Head.

The three elements of a QuickBooks® Data Head include:

  • Data – This one is obvious yet complex, covering the gathering, cleaning, and organizing of information. With a focus on bookkeeping and accounting procedures, the Data Head needs to master QuickBooks® and its reporting capacity.
  • Information & Intelligence – A C-level leadership role incorporates producing, reading, understanding, evaluating, and presenting data to management.
  • Management Consulting – Leadership is the primary element in becoming a Data Head and covers planning, managing, and executing data-driven initiatives across an organization.

Interested in becoming a Data Head?

At Data Head Solutions®, our 30+ years of service have revealed a need for education and support. We’ve worked with numerous bookkeepers and accountants looking to provide greater value to their clients and prospects. They have the skills and desire to achieve the next level yet aren’t sure how to go about it.

Becoming part of a group of like-minded people provides the motivation, assistance, and encouragement you need. Data Head Solutions® helps you to hone your abilities and pursue your entrepreneurial spirit. We’ll show you the essential ins and outs of collecting, sorting, understanding, deciphering, and presenting data.

A Data Head is an indispensable asset to any company. The first step is working with data and is concentrated around bookkeeping and accounting procedures, including mastering QuickBooks®. From there, a leadership role develops, incorporating planning, managing, and executing data-driven initiatives across the organization. 

Interested in becoming a Data Head? Reach out to Data Head Solutions® at (630) 631-6153 to discuss opportunities and get started.

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