Data Lake

A Data Lake is a collection of raw data that is structured, semi-structured, or unstructured from any type of source. The raw nature of the data requires the skills of data engineers and data scientists.

What is the Difference Between a Data Lake and a Data Warehouse?

Both a data warehouse and data lake store your data, but the main difference is when that data is organized and analyzed. Raw and unstructured data goes into a data lake, and then data can be selected and organized as needed. A data warehouse processes the information and organizes it into a single schema before it is stored. Then, when data is pulled, the analysis is done on the cleansed data in the warehouse.

What are the benefits?
  • Complete access to all of your data
  • View, slice-and-dice, export, modify, and import your database
  • Create custom reports, applications, dashboards, or data visualizations
  • Combine data with any other ODBC compliant data sources such as SQL, Excel, MySQL, Oracle, etc.

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Your Selected Data Sources Are In the Lake
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Google Analytics
Quickbooks POS
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